way of living 

We live to promote islamic principles among youth

Being a group that works amongst girls, GIO has to make its members realise their space in their families as well as society. To have the courage to shoulder the responsibility of passing on the message of truth to the posterity. Keeping that in mind we conduct many activities on a regular basis to stir the creative talents of girls.

Purpose of Activities

At GIO, we try to uplift the educational levels of girls, to strengthen them morally and to boost up their talents through its activities.  GIO regularly conducts study classes and Public meetings on selective subjects for Muslim women to imbibe true Islamic teachings among them and alleviate dogmas and superstitions prevalent among them. 


Study Classes

With the aim to teach and empower, GIO organized various study session pertaining to different topics pertaining to students and the issues they face in today’s society. 


Creative Camps and Contests

Creative activities to remember the legacy of great Muslim women in Islamic history in various fields are regularly conducted online. Follow us on Instagram to be updated about topics and special prizes.


Cordial Meets

Sister comes together to meet and discuss topics affecting the lives of Muslim sistren and brethren. Sisters are encouraged to take strong actions for society and themselves


Public Meetings

Meetings with highly educated professors and teachers from esteemed universities like JMI are regularly conducted in order to increase our understanding of our present issues and problems.


Panel Discussions

Different panels related to the challenges that the Muslim community is facing and the reasons for those challenges are regularly conducted by our team. We are proud of the support we received from you during these discussions.

Special note

CAA NRC Protest

Sister Khansa is the General Secretary of GIO Delhi and a student of Jamia Millia Islamia. She has been involved in the protest since the beginning and has been making handmade posters for the protestors and distributing them.


Protest at Jamia by doctors from JMI, AMU, NHMC, AIIMS, Hamdard, Tibbia college and other medical institutions.

Members of GIO Delhi from Medical field also participated in this protest.

Sisters of GIO Delhi, educating people about CAA and NRC in Jamia Nagar.

Sisters joining the candle light March from Jamia Millia Islamia to Shaheen Bagh. Many sisters were daily participants in this March.

By Sister Hoor Kashish, Member of GIO Delhi and student of Jamia Millia Islamia “Since it was my first time I’ve ever been in a protest, it was really nice to see the number of people present over there, ready to fight for their right even after seeing the cruel behaviour of the police in the past few days. The atmosphere over there can easily make anybody full of energy and desire to raise voice against the wrong. There were so many people united and shouting slogans together such as Inqalab Zindabad, Hame chahiye Azaadi, Hum le ke rhenge Azaadi, and many more. All were claiming to be Indians, ready to save their constitution.”

Sister Iman, student of Jamia Millia Islamia was injured during the brutal crackdown by Police on 15th December.

Her courage and strength have inspired us all. “I, Imaan an 18-year-old student of Jamia Millia Islamia (English Hons) was amongst the many students who protested against CAA on 15th December. While we were protesting, the police started lathi-charge and me while resisting got hurt. My hand has injuries from the lathi charge. Simultaneously the police fired tear gas and me amidst this couldn’t breathe and went unconscious. My seniors were trying to pull me in the stampede. I have suffered from some spine injuries as well. It’s a day I can never forget. How our dissent was curbed with brutal lathi-charge and tear gas was inhumane.”

Next Steps

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

GIO Delhi conducts a special and blissful monthly session which is addressed by Ms Rahmatunnisa who is Co secretary of Women's wing JIH.

This programs begins with beautiful recitation of Quran & welcoming address by GIO Delhi president sister Nikhat Fatima.

GIO Delhi monthly session brings an amazing and insightful interactive discussion in which the keynote speaker Ms Rahmatunnisa picks up topics related to young Muslimah, regarding the upliftment of young muslim girls in the society.

She focuses on providing knowledge about deen and tries to made the particpating sisters aware about the purpose of life and making them more confident and sensible muslimah so that, every muslim young girl can achieve best both in this World and hereafter

This monthly session helps you in different ways like :

It gives platform to you to discuss & put your queries regarding the topic discussed.

It encourages you to be more focused and to become more energetic in participating in holy work of dawah.

Ms Rahmatunnisa makes the discussion amazing in her astounding way of presentation which have multiple refrences of Ahadeeth that makes the discussion more contented.

It helps in providing Islamic guidance to make your daily living a productive and constructive one.

It teaches about the Islamic disciplins that we all need in our life to make it better.

This program have a question answer session at tbe end inwhich participants post their queries, give theirideas, add some points and helps other sisters to get their answers.

It gives you enthusiasm to learn more & more about the beautiful religion Islam.

It brings you closerto the almighty as you are learning about this pious religion, boosts the spritual appetite.