Together towards a productive life and eternal success


And let there arise from you a group inviting to all that is good, enjoining

what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be successful.

Qur’an 3:104

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Who are We?

GIO is a girls’ organization, functioning under Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. It works at the state level and is currently operative in several different states of India. GIO seeks to better the individual and in turn, the society by imparting Islamic knowledge, promoting community service, organizing various programs for young girls and engaging in civic activities.

Mode of Working

Our main guiding forces are the Qur’an and the Sunnah. GIO works keeping the moral and ethical values in view. For achieving its aims and objectives, GIO adopts a peaceful and constructive outlook and completely abstains itself from acts of violence or such which may disrupt the peace and communal harmony.


Girls of age less than 30 years can become an associate if she agrees with the aims and objectives and to cooperate and participate in the activities of the organisation. Girls less than 15 years of age come under the Junior Associates where they are prepared in all basic Islamic spheres so that they turn out to be responsible members when they grow up.

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Pre-Marital Preparatory Workshop


• To empower Muslim girls by educating them in Deen-e-Islam.
• To encourage young Muslimahs to connect their Deen & Dunya in a balanced way.
• To discuss worldly issues in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.
• To nurture creativity, confidence and faith.
• To provide a platform for sharing ideas and talents.
• To create a community of Muslim girls where they can put forward their opinions, problems and suggestions.


Every girl who is an Indian citizen can become a member of this organisation provided that she:
•  Pledges after understanding the Constitution of the Organisation that she shall abide by the Constitution
•  Is regular in Fasting and Prayer and active in observing other Faraaiz and abstains from Kabaair
•  Is of the age between 15 and 30 years. The membership is approved after the State President of the organisation acknowledges the membership application.

Next Steps

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

GIO Delhi conducts a special and blissful monthly session which is addressed by Ms Rahmatunnisa who is Co secretary of Women's wing JIH.

This programs begins with beautiful recitation of Quran & welcoming address by GIO Delhi president sister Nikhat Fatima.

GIO Delhi monthly session brings an amazing and insightful interactive discussion in which the keynote speaker Ms Rahmatunnisa picks up topics related to young Muslimah, regarding the upliftment of young muslim girls in the society.

She focuses on providing knowledge about deen and tries to made the particpating sisters aware about the purpose of life and making them more confident and sensible muslimah so that, every muslim young girl can achieve best both in this World and hereafter

This monthly session helps you in different ways like :

It gives platform to you to discuss & put your queries regarding the topic discussed.

It encourages you to be more focused and to become more energetic in participating in holy work of dawah.

Ms Rahmatunnisa makes the discussion amazing in her astounding way of presentation which have multiple refrences of Ahadeeth that makes the discussion more contented.

It helps in providing Islamic guidance to make your daily living a productive and constructive one.

It teaches about the Islamic disciplins that we all need in our life to make it better.

This program have a question answer session at tbe end inwhich participants post their queries, give theirideas, add some points and helps other sisters to get their answers.

It gives you enthusiasm to learn more & more about the beautiful religion Islam.

It brings you closerto the almighty as you are learning about this pious religion, boosts the spritual appetite.


Join Us for Our Programs

GIO Weekly


As we are an organisation of budding Muslimahs, we conduct weekly programs to communicate and to spread the word of Allah SWT among our sisters who joined us.
Every week we started our program with recitation of holy verses of the Qur'an by any of our Sister. After recitation, one of our Sister read some verses of Qur'an and explain it through her understanding. We can add or discuss it, if any of us wants to. It's our Dars-e Qur'an.
After Dars-e Qur'an, One of our Sister read and explain any Authentic Hadeeth. And then it followed by a short speech also from Sisters among us.
We also discussed about various current issues many other topics. Our program is not just like a usual Islamic teaching program, it's a discussion, interaction and learning session with the both worldly and Islamic topics.
Our whole weekly program is conduct and carried by the girls only. We all Sisters help each other and work very hard to reach out as many girls as we can for the sake of Allah SWT and make ourselves capable enough for this world and hereafter.

Weekly E-Gatherings


Girls islamic organisation is a platform which conducts weekly programs to communicate and to spread the word of Allah Swt among our sisters who joined us.
Before lockdown we conduct face to face weekly programs but, nowadays we are doing e-gathering instead of zoom app. And it takes one hour in a week.
First we share the link before the program. Program is started with the recitation of holy verses of the Quran by any of our sisters.
After recitation, our keynote speaker addressed the topic which directly impacts on our life. Every week there are different intellectual speakers.
We have the recordings of our e-gatherings. Our whole e-gatherings are conducted by sisters only.
We all sisters help each other and work hard to reach out to as many girls as we can for the sake of Allah Swt and make ourselves capable enough for this world and hereafter.

GIO Blog

The Latest News & Updates

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